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acer 5220  

forgive me my bad English

Acer Extensa 5220

Acer 5220 driver Installation XP on Acer cer 5220 and sound Description cer 5220 cer 5220 test cer 5220 manual Forum cer 5220 rus

Site owner Acer Extensa 5220. I you will find the driver, description, a quiz, tips on installing XP Support project
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Install drivers for Acer 5220


Install drivers Acer Extensa 5220 is easy. Installing the drivers make in the following order:

  • install the chipset driver
  • install the sound driver
  • install graphics card driver
  • install modem diver
  • install CardReader diver
  • install LAN diver
  • install WLAN diver

Drivers need to download from the site Acer. Usually, that they have to find some time to spend. So I blog links to the official driver Acer Extensa 5220 below. This saves time! [83398 KB] [37775 KB] [55021 KB] [6174 KB] [2061 KB]
F6 Intel SATA HDD Driver Floppy [613 KB] [7342 KB] [4773 KB] [8926 KB] [1718 KB] [25172 KB] [135545 KB] [62754 KB]
VGA_Intel_v [16755 KB] [2050 KB] [4354 KB] [1849 KB]
Webcam_Suyin_Driver_v5.7.28.500-1.0 [4474 KB] [2725 KB] [2645 KB] [33915 KB]

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