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acer 5220  

forgive me my bad English

Acer Extensa 5220

Acer 5220 driver Installation XP on Acer cer 5220 and sound Description cer 5220 cer 5220 test cer 5220 manual Forum cer 5220 rus

Site owner Acer Extensa 5220. I you will find the driver, description, a quiz, tips on installing XP Support project
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Acer extensa 5220 manual


Manual to a laptop and not so useful, frankly. But just in case it vylozhu iTunes in this section. So the instruction to a laptop A cer extensa 5220 in PDF format can be downloaded from this link:
EX_5620_5610_5220_5210_User_Guide_Eng.pdf [4172 KB]

I think you will find it useful and Aserovsky set of utilities:

  • Acer Empowering Framework [27524 KB]
  • Acer Gridvista [1277 KB]
  • Acer eDataSecurity Management [46308 KB]
  • Acer eLock Management [4570 KB]
  • Acer eNet Management [32403 KB ]
  • Acer ePower Management [7868 KB]
  • Acer ePresentation Management [3818 KB]
  • Acer eSettings Management [5824 KB]
  • Launch Manager [3354 KB]
Downloading from here: utilities for laptops Acer extensa 5220 .

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