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acer 5220  

forgive me my bad English

Acer Extensa 5220

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Site owner Acer Extensa 5220. I you will find the driver, description, a quiz, tips on installing XP Support project
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Installing Windows XP on the Acer 5220


The main problem found that lots of Acer Extensa 5220 are equipped with a SATA interface hard drive that not all recognized by Windows XP installer. So, how to integrating the bootable installer with the SATA driver software, since Im not too interesting to buy a USB floppy drive?
Describe in detail how to do that has nothing to the problems you have when installing Windiws XP at Acer Extensa.

1. Do not rush to remove Windiws Vista. Go to "Device Manager" and see what type of controller SATA HDD.

2. First, get the SATA controller driver manufactured from your hardware factory website. Here is a link to these drivers:
F6 Intel SATA HDD Driver Floppy [613 KB]
Upload? . You upload the image FDD diskettes. Starting exe- downloaded file, create a floppy disk.

3. NLite (to create a custom Windows XP installer) downloading the program from home page program . Further details about the program nLite read in Wikipedia :

nLite lets users customize and remove components from their Windows install disc, integrate updates, automate the installation process, and install third party programs automatically.

The program required the installation of nLite Framework. Then I downloaded from the Internet Framework. I downloaded "Microsoft. NET Framework v2.0". Installed Framework? Now for the next step.

4. From nLite application, browse to the Windows XP CD installer and let it cached to a specified path:

Installing Windows XP on the Acer 5220: browse to the Windows XP CD

5. Then, press Drivers and Bootable ISO button to inserting the SATA drivers and continue to create an ISO image to burn in a CD:

Drivers and  Bootable ISO

6. Clicking on Next button, you will be prompted to inserting from the source disk (we have created a floppy disk above) of SATA drivers software:

inserting from the source disk

7. Insert the source floppy disk contain SATA driver files for SATA controller

XP SATA driver

8. onfirmed with YES button to continue to burning the ISO image and Windows XP ready!

burning ISO image with support SATA drivers

There are other ways to install Windows XP (adding SATA HDD drivers in the Windows XP installation, updating BIOS). But, believe, that the easiest way!

A good you flight with Windows XP.

PS. If suddenly you do not understand something - write! Also, I wish to ask you if you found a defect in which my instructions-write me. Let us help each other. If you took advantage of my through but had to do something, which was not described here - let! I have hundreds of people and say thank you.

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